I got a new zine for a $1 and a new poster print for $3

Hey, everyone!

Since he dropped the lawsuit,I have a Kickstarter going for a reprint of my best seller: ‘Holy Shit, Its the Drummer from Genesis, and Other Things To Shout at Phil Collins at Target’

Inspired by true events.

its 3am and im so tired doing busy work. Here’s Anthony Hopkins in a nightcap.

So I finished me entree for an art show. The theme was ‘Big Vision, Small Package’ and so my interests didn’t stay past the first word.
So I drew up the creepiest rendition of the cover to ‘Big’ starring Tom Hanks.
I freehanded the font. #Ladies #Hanks #HesGotAReallyBigSecret

my mind is wandering right now.

Another warm up from earlier.

Just a real quick watercolor and ink I whipped up for a warm up request.

Just got done inking this bad boy. See it available as $3 poster prints soon!

Late Nite Draw presents:

Love Letter, Lover Let Her

The second issue of my zine.

April 3rd

Find it Here or at Quimby’s

March 23rd, watch me drown my lonliness in fruity non alcoholic cocktails and watch Hundred Heads and Bora Bora.

9pm at The Whistler. W/ @bictooth @jicolson @willwisniewski Nate, and Keaton (at The Whistler)

little practice with inking and digital coloring.

my last homage/study/take 

Mock Martial Arts Film Poster